U.S. Army Infantry Vs. U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

Military holding a M4 rifle

U.S. Army Infantry Vs. U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

Comparing these two isn’t as straightforward as you might think. The uneducated might think that they are the same, I mean, they all wear camouflage and carry guns.

Those of us who have served know that they serve entirely different missions and the Marine Corps is closely tied to the Navy. As a Marine, you will be responsible for more things at a younger rank. You could be an E-4 (Corporal) and be responsible for a fire team or possibly a squad, and all that a fire team or squad entails. In the Army, they actually made a new rank (Specialist 4) so you wouldn’t be responsible for anything.

This video from General Discharge does an outstanding job of comparing both and even includes the current restructuring in the Marine Corps.

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