That’s a Wrap

A box of Saran Wrap
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That's A Wrap

Alright, alright, alright, I get it, it was just a joke, can’t you take a joke man? But this isn’t a joke, man.

I hate to talk bad about fellow Marines, but I’m sorry, there is no other way to paint this picture. I’m going to let the videos speak for themselves.

In order to gain some TikTok clout, Marines SSgt Hank Glembin and Cpl Savannah Glembin (she is a TikTok influencer), thought that it would be funny to wrap their child, 18-month-old Gunnar Glembin from head to toe in Saran Wrap cling wrap as a form of punishment. And to make matters worse, they videotaped it and streamed it live. They claimed that it wasn’t punishment, but a way to keep Gunnar from climbing into the stove and putting a fork into an electrical wall plug. I guess they never heard of baby-proofing a house before? And to make matters even worse, the dumbass SSgt was wearing his freaking cammies while this was all going on.

And get this, Savannah, posts videos about motherhood on her channels, lol She claims that the video shows her husband and son “playing” and that the child was only wrapped up for five minutes. Yep, maybe I can make a video of setting someone on fire and just say that we were playing, what a dumbass.

So not only did they get into trouble with the Corps, but Child Protective Services was called in to investigate. Savannah left the Marine Corps in 2019, but Hank is still enlisted and I’m sure he will be getting to stand before the old man and explain himself.

“Hank playfully wrapped him in cling wrap, he had room to move, and he looked like a little cucumber. At no point was he in distress or crying.” Savannah said.

These two model Marines really made a very boneheaded mistake. Hank is still a Marine, and Savannah has been medically retired due to a major back injury that didn’t heal properly. We all make stupid mistakes, but my generation didn’t record them or broadcast them.

Promotion of Cpl Savannah Glembin

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