Marine of the Year 2022 – Major Cory T. Jones

Major Cory Jones

Marine of the Year 2022 - Major Cory T. Jones

Meet Major Cory T. Jones, 2022’s Marine of the Year and yes, he crashed a C-130J. In September 2020, Major Jones was piloting a Super Hercules tanker (C-130J Tanker used to refuel other aircraft), during an air-to-air refueling mission. During that mission, an F-35B struck the C-130J, and Major Jones had to fly the severely damaged aircraft (extensive structural damage, two destroyed engines, and on fire), crash-landing it with no landing gear in a California field some 12 minutes away. Major Jones was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross – the 4th highest military award for bravery, for helping to save all eight crew members that day.

Outstanding job by brother – Semper Fidelis

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