Drill Instructors Messing With Recruits

Marine Corps Drill Instructor
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Drill Instructors Messing With Recruits

Some people use soft soothing music to fall asleep, but many of us Marines, could fall asleep listening to this shit, we definitely find it funny as hell. I love the repelling segment, I loved repelling and I have now done it outside of the Corps. I understand being scared shitless, but you have to understand that boot camp will take you out of your comfort zone, that is by design. You also have to understand that they are NOT going to kill you or get you hurt. So shut your pie hole and listen to what the Marine at the top of the tower is instructing you.

I actually found this video sort of lame compared to others I have seen. Shooting a 208 on the range with an ACOG, these kids wouldn’t be able to hit the damn target with iron sights.

In the closing scene with the recruits PTing in the barracks, we would close the damn windows (at Hollywood) and PT so damn long that the deck has large pools of sweat. I think I would have rather IPT making it rain in the pit than quarterdeck PT.

But I can say that videos like this one, not only bring back memories, but after serving 10 plus years on active duty, I want to say, “Damn, we have come a long way”. I’m sure I was just like these knuckleheads, but the Marine Corps made me the person I am today.

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