Loose Lips Sink Ships

S-75 Dvina Missile
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Loose Lips Sink Ships

Loose lips might sink ships” was a security phrase created by the War Advertising Council and used by the United States Office of War Information in World War II.

The slogan was very short and to the point. If you are talking about anything that is related to a warship, then your talking (loose lips) might just sink that warship. And that still holds true today. In fact, HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is HUGE in today’s online world. And
Ukrainian Instagram influencer Anna Alkhim (who has 600,000 followers on Instagram) is to blame for Russian launching a lethal missile attack on a Ukrainian field hospital in the eastern city of Dnipro.

Instagram influencer Anna Alkhim
Gee, I wonder why she has so many followers???

It seems that Anna was on Instagram trying to raise money for the field hospital when she revealed a little too much information and hours later, Russia attacked.

Alkhim has since been publicly denounced for her lack of OPSEC discipline.

I’m not going to bash Alkhim, as it could happen to anyone, we all need to be very careful of what information we post online.

Various online sources are reporting at least four dead and 30 or more injured.


Loose Lips Might Sink Ships
***NOTE*** Yes, I’m aware that the missile in the header is a SAM (Surface to Air Missle), specifically an SA-2, however, it works for the post.

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