Phone Scammer Calls the Police

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Phone Scammer Calls the Police

This is Police Captain Ann Stephens at Apex North Carolina, talking to a phone scammer.

The transcript of the phone call is as follows:

Scammer: Can you verify me your home address?

Captain Stephens: No I will not

Scammer: I’m sorry no

Captain Stephens: I’m not going to give you my address. If you have my file on me you should know what my address is.

Scammer: Mrs. Stephens, you need to understand one thing over here that I’m trying to cooperate with the only the xxxxxx, and and even you need to cooperate with me. Please send me the address.

Captain Stephens: My current address is 205 Saunders S-A-U-N-D-E-R-S Street in Apex, North Carolina.

Scammer: Now there are legal enforcement agencies involved in this case so before we go ahead and give all the complete information for you I need you to verify me with the last digit number of social security so I can confirm that these details are given to the right person. 

Captain Stephens: I’m not gonna confirm my social security number with you.

Scammer: Mrs. Stephens, I’m not asking you to confirm your Social Security number. What I’m asking you just to verify me with your last four digits of your Social Security so I can confirm that the details are given to the right person.

Captain Stephens: I’m not gonna do that.

Scammer: Social Security Administration and law enforcement agencies have found 25 fraudulent bank accounts opened and used or using your Social Security number to commit a fraud of more than $10 million. These accounts were used to transfer and receive funds for illegal local and international bank wire transfers, including like, money laundering, drug trafficking, and for Internal Revenue Service tax scams all over the USA. I need to give them the details. 

Can you tell me how many accounts do you own for your knowledge and permission.

Captain Stephens: I would like to just speak to your supervisor now, please.

Scammer #2:  You told my officer you want to speak to a senior officer, correct?

Captain Stephens: That’s correct.

Scammer #2: Now go ahead and let me know how many bank accounts are originally owned by you. It has nothing to do with illegal activity.

Captain Stephens: Well if it has nothing to do with illegal activities, why do I have to tell you now many bank accounts I have?

Scammer #2: See, if you do not tell me how many bank accounts you have, we’ll go ahead and suspend all the bank accounts which are connected to your Social Security, So don’t blame us if you lose any money. We are trying to help you out over here, ok?

Captain Stephens: Well, I just don’t understand why I’m giving you my… I would like to know what the allegations are against me and what you’re gonna take out a warrant for.

Scammer #2: Right now, there are two criminal charges against you. Number one, drug trafficking; number two, money laundering.

Captain Stephens: Well, that’s better than the 25 that the first guy told me were out against me.


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