Customer Service is Dead

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Customer Service is Dead

Great Clips - It's Gonna Be GreatEarlier this week, I got my hair cut at Great Clips. I have been going to the same place for a few years now and even though it is under new management, I still liked the results. That is until this most recent visit. The two ladies working there were in no hurry whatsoever. When I arrived I was next on the list (I checked in online) and both ladies were cleaning up from their last customer. Eventually, one lady called the guy who was sitting there so he could get his hair cut. It took another five minutes until I was called, resulting in an 8-minute wait just for her to clean the floor and call me back. She quickly threw the cape around me, making sure it was really tight. Now I have never had to ask to have the cape adjusted before in my life, but this was the first time. She was taken aback that I asked her to adjust it and then she grabbed the clippers on her second pass around my ears, she cut the cord on my brand new USMC face mask (masks are still required in my State at hair salons). Her reaction was, did I just cut your mask, nope doesn’t look like it. I couldn’t tell as the part she cut was behind my ear, but sure enough, she cut the strap on a mask that I got to wear for two days.

She then proceeded to roughly and rudely push my head to the left make a cut and then to the right. I guess she didn’t know that the chair moves as does her feet. When she opened the drawer to grab a comb, I saw that she is also watching TV on her phone that is in the drawer, which she made sure was partially open after she grabbed the comb.

I have to say it was one of the worst experiences I have had getting a haircut. And to top it off, I sent an email to customer service, which has gone unanswered. I guess Customer Service is dead and gone, how sad.

“It’s Gonna Be Great”, yeah right!!!

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