Sick Pup update

sick pup

Sick Pup update

It looks like Roxie has managed to damage both knees. Long story short, about two months ago we noticed that she was periodically limping off and on between her two back legs. At first, we did the usual and checked her pads and range of motion and we did find anything. She would return to normal and more often it was her left leg that she was limping on.

When the limp became more consistent we realized that there was a real problem and not her acting like her dorky self. The vet thought she hurt her ACL and prescribe some pain meds and rest. The rest in a 3-year-old dog didn’t work, so she was prescribed mild sedation, which really didn’t work either.

Last night when she was coming into the house from her last potty break, she started limping heavily on her right leg. We took her to the ER vet and they gave her pain meds and said it looks like her knee is majorly messed up. She will require surgery and they prescribed more pain meds and a visit to our regular vet.

Today they said, it looks like both knees are jacked and she will require surgery on both. It looks like there is a good 30-day wait to get into the surgery. So…here we are, she will remain sedated and on pain meds until we can get her in for her surgery.

I see big money leaving my hands in the very near future. But I will do it for her. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

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