Our Horses

our horses
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Our Horses

Our HorsesHere are some photos of the two miniature horses we have. The dark guy is Rebel (13 years old). Rebel’s mother, Dixie is the other mini. We adopted Dixie many years ago and Rebel and his father (who has since passed, “Midnight”) can along as a packaged deal. So we have literally had Rebel all of his life.

Rebel is actually very talented too, below is a photo of him jumping, which is something he just loves to do.

When we adopted Dixie, she was our son’s horse, but he has since grown up and started his own life so she and Rebel belong to our daughter now, who is a very talented horse trainer.

Dixie and Rebel, live with our other two horses, Justina and Maya. Justina is a mustang that our daughter has gentled and trained. Justina was born at a local horse rescue, her mother is a feral BLM mare. Maya was a PMU foal and has a neurological disorder called Wobblers Syndrome (also called cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy).

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