Passing Tractor Trailer Twins

Trucks passing each other
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Passing Tractor Trailer Twins

Why in the hell is there always that asshole tractor-trailer jockey who has to attempt to pass another tractor-trailer, but is doing it like half a mile per hour faster? The end result is this “pass” takes five or more miles to complete and it forms a line of cars 30-40 cars deep behind the log jam.


Dude if you can’t make a quick pass then how about you stay right where you were, behind the other truck? It seems like they always try this when going uphill or right before a stop light (which takes them forever to get up to speed after stopping for the light) I’m not bashing truckers in general, I totally understand that everything we eat, use and wear are all delivered by these trucks, but why in the hell can’t you just pass him and stop holding up traffic? It’s like you won’t stop and hold hands and skip together up the freaking hill.

It is almost like it is a game of let’s see how many pissed-off drives can I get behind me. I can hear the CB radio chatter now (I know, most truckers don’t use the CB today as they used to in the past, but this is my post and I’m using it as an example and if you don’t like it, bite me). The chatter would be like

“Breaker 1-9, I have 31 cars behind me right now”,

“That ain’t nothing, I had 54 last week”.

By all means, if you are light or empty and you can make a quick pass, then do it, but if not then stay where you are, there is no need for you to screw up traffic for miles just to stroke your own ego. We get it you are driving a big ol’ truck, you are the man!

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