What Is A Specialty Pharmacy

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Specialty Pharmacy

Time to reorder and this time around the Specialty Pharmacy called me, up until now, I had to call them and place the order, which well that sucks if you have brain fog going on and you space out and forget. Of course, I wasn’t home to receive the call, so I called them back and I got to speak to Brian @ Walgreen’s Specialty Pharmacy let me tell you this, Brian is not only great at his job, but he is funny on top of that. He basically did the whole phone call like a game show or infomercial and it was a riot. And at the very end, he read the disclaimer of about 45 seconds, all in one breath and at about 1 and a half times the normal speed. And right before he was finished, he added the obligatory, “but wait there’s more…” Thanks, Brian for that, I needed a laugh today.

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