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The fatigue is real and it is a very difficult thing for me to get accustomed to. Some days I will come home from work and feel like I’m doing good. I feel like I can actually get things around the house completed. On other days I come home from work, I am exhausted and I can barely move and then there are the days around lunchtime, I’m finished. I’m exhausted and I have a difficult time thinking clearly.

I haven’t yet figured out what the solution for the fatigue is for me. Earlier in the year I was taking off Wednesdays at work, so I could “recuperate” but after a little over a month of that, I decided that it wasn’t really working and I stopped and now I just “push” through it. It sucks and I think what sucks worse is that many of my co-workers and even my family just don’t understand. They can’t figure out why I’m being so ‘lazy”. Ugh, that freaking “L” word, just drives me crazy. Lazy, really Lazy, I’m so far from lazy, I’m on my feet pretty much all day dealing with computer and network issues, with many days I don’t even have time to check my email or eat my lunch (which it sure adds to my fatigue).

It’s not just the feeling exhausted, it is often mental fatigue as well. I just can’t think straight when I’m fatigued and then there is muscle fatigue which for me basically means certain groups of muscles that I may have overused that day are wiped out and I can barely move them. The whole thing annoys me to no end.

So if you have a good method of combating fatigue, drop me a line, I would love to hear what works for you.

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