Enlarge Breast


Enlarge Breast

I have not a fucking clue what the hell an “Enlarge Breast Intelligent Music Bluetooth Massage for Breast Enlargement and Comfortable Massage” is and how you use it. Ok, the “where to use it” is partly self-explanatory, but for the rest of it, I’m clueless.

The explanation on AliExpress is great and it is only $115 USD.


1. The product components consist of two large pieces: a cover kit and a massage mechanism kit.
2. Massage mechanism kit: heart-shaped box, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, low-power Bluetooth control board.
3. Two hemispherical brackets with 8 (10) custom high-speed motors, 8 (10) matching massage shafts, 8 (10) simulated grippers, and 8 (10) positioning axes.
4. Sets of simulated claws, 8 (10) each, are already installed in the massage mechanism.

I want to hear from a woman that was brave enough to try this thing on. I mean has brackets, motors, grippers, shafts, axes, and best of all claws. Sounds like a very comfortable bra, lol.


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