Morse Code Day

morse code

Morse Code Day

Morse Code Day is April 27th Morse Code Day celebrates morse code, an alphabet of dashes and dots that made long-distance communication much easier before phones were around. The holiday is celebrated on the birthday of its inventor, Samuel Morse, who was born on April 27, 1791.

I personally mark this day on my calendar as my MOS in the Marine Corps was “Non-Morse Intercept Operator” (2631). Ironically as a “Non-Morse Intercept Operator”, the first thing that you master morse code to 18 blocks per minute. This means that you must be able to with a certain level of accuracy, copy 18 blocks that have 5 letters or numbers in each block. Then you learn the non-morse topics. Today, the morse code is gone and the MOS is now Electronic Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Analyst (2631) and the Marine Corps was making that transition while I was still on active duty, I actually mastered both topics and was an instructor for the Electronic Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Analyst part of the new MOS.

Here is a written sample of Morse Code:

.- …- . .-. .- –. .  .— — .  .– . . -.- .-.. -.– …– —-. …  — — .-. … .  -.-. — -.. .  -.. .- -.–  .–. — … –

And the same text in audio format:

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