Hybrid Is Big Bucks

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Hybrid Is Big Bucks

The below image of an estimate from Roger Dean Chevrolet for a Chevy Volt battery replacement has been making the Social Media rounds recently.  And then all the trolls came out as if they were like a dog who heard a piece of popcorn hit the floor, three miles away. The trolls started injecting their professional knowledge on what it actually costs to replace one of these. I mean, every single comment was all about how the estimate was fake. Then they have to further impart more knowledge on all of us dumbasses, saying things like “THAT IS THE VIN FOR A VOLT”, “that VIN is for a Corvette”, and “this guy must have run over something in the road”.

Well let’s put this to bed, sorry trolls, but 5 minutes on Google and you can discover that you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. $30K for a battery

  1. ‘USA Today’, reached out to Chevrolet and sure enough, the estimate is indeed real and correct
  2. If you hit up an online VIN decoder and ‘1G1RB6E4XCU113962’ is for a 2012 Chevy Volt

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