Philmont – Day 10

Philmont Scount Ranch - Day 10
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Philmont - Day 10

Conservation Project at Deer LakeThe crew woke up, packed up, cleaned up, and ate breakfast in near-record time as they were ready to move to the next camp. We left for Harlan and it was a little bit of a butt-kicker as we had 7 plus miles and we went up and down a 1000 feet several times. But when we got to Harlan, the crew was excited as this was the end of the road, well very near the end of the road. Harlan’s program is primarily reloading and shooting 12-gauge shotgun shells. However, Harlan’s most unique program is burro racing, a sport in which each crew packs and loads a burro before racing around certain obstacles in an attempt to beat the other crews. At this point, I was getting tired, and we still had to go and do our conservation project in order to get our Philmont patch. We faced a muddy uphill climb to Deer Lake Mesa to do our three hours of conservation. Once we completed our conservation project we headed back to Harlan for the reloading and shooting program.

It rained like cats and dogs all night long that night.


  1. Canon AE-1 35mm Camera allie_jones_05 says:

    i want to go shooting so badly, but after last year, im afraid to ask my parents to take me.

    1. I was actually a little bummed as I didn’t pull the trigger once on that trip, the boys shot three times I think and I had leader issues during on of those times and the I recall the last time that there was some issue with shooting shotguns, oh well, I can shoot anytime I want really. You need to just ask them, it is time to start acting more like an adult. The worst that can happen is they say no.

  2. These posts about Philmont and Boy Scouts really brings back memories, ff course shooting was the highlight of every boy scout at camp.

  3. Beverly Kimball says:

    I do like to go shooting and if I say so myself, I’m a pretty good shot, for a girl in a wheel chair.

  4. Red 6" heels SexyShoes90 says:

    I used to love shooting, but I really can’t safely hold a gun now. But I used to be a great shot in my youth.

    1. You can still go shooting, some ranges have stands and/or tables and are willing to help set up the gun so you can pretty much just sit behind it and pull the trigger (well there is more involved, but you get the picture). Give it a shot (pun intended)

    2. You really should find a range that will work with individuals in wheelchairs. They should be able to set you up with a stand or table with sandbags to steady the weapon.

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