Cool Website for February

AirNow EPA website map

Cool Website for February

With all the news about train crashes and chemical explosions and air quality, I did some digging around and found the AirNow website by the EPA.


Simply enter your zip code, city, or state and the website will query the database and show you how the quality of the outside air in your area. If you scroll down just a little on the left side, you will see a map, click on the map and you can see how the air quality is around the US. I’m not just talking about allergy season or pollen, I’m talking about all airborne chemicals.

There is even an archive function, where you can select a date on a calendar and see what the air quality was for that date.

You can see what the air quality is for a large group of U.S. Embassies, plus there is a page to see a fair amount of web cameras.

And I’m very super sad to report that the web server isn’t set up correctly as you can pull up a chunk of data that should be secured and locked down, simply by a mis-spelling. Running several web servers myself, this type of thing really upsets me.

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