Amazon – Product Never Existed

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Amazon - Product Never Existed

This is post three of my 10-part series on Amazon

I was setting up my new home office and wanted some drawers, I found these two products which were exactly what I wanted.

7 Drawer Storage Organizer, Filing Cabinet with Wheels,Wood Office File Cabinets, Storage Filing Cabinet for Home Office, Office Organization and Storage with Drawer(Black) – No longer being sold

The problem was that they never arrived. They were not Prime items, so the shipping wasn’t going to be in two-day, but instead two weeks. The shipping date came and went, and I didn’t have my order. I logged on to Amazon, and their interface stated that the packages were delivered. I looked for the photo that the delivery person usually takes to prove that it was delivered and there wasn’t one. I was hoping that this photo might shed some light as to where they were hiding since they were delivered. I reached out to Amazon and they claimed that the seller stated that “Bob’s super fast shipping company” claimed that I refused delivery. The really strange part was they claimed that they tried to deliver them to an address in Michigan, not Virginia where I live. The whole ordeal took over a month with initial shipping delays and then the whole waiting game.

After much back and forth with Amazon, I got a call and this time, the seller claimed that they made a mistake and input the incorrect delivery information and they will actually arrive in two more weeks. That date came and went, and still no cabinets. This time, Amazon, gave me a full refund and removed the items from the store. The really sad part is that I could find a suitable replacement as almost everything I could find was not real wood.

This is an issue that seems to happen often, where the sellers are not verified but are still authorized to sell on

7 Drawer Storage Organizer

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