I’m About Over Facebook

Done with Facebook
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I'm About Over Facebook

I’m not sure about you, but I’m about done with Facebook. I’m getting tired of their practice of stamping a damn COVID banner on everything, regardless if it has to do with the virus or not. I’m tired of their “Fact Checkers“, not checking facts and when they do, they are always incorrect. I’m tired of getting posts removed, two this week alone.

Facebook COVID banner

On September 16th, I got a notice that a post from November 2019 had been removed as it goes against community standards for SPAM. But their claim is that I posted it to get likes and comments. WAIT!!!!! isn’t that why people post most of their crap on Facebook? What is even worse is that it is a post from November 2019 that they removed. So, you’re telling me that you have people going back years into profiles to remove things. Hell, you can remove everything from 2019 as far as I care, no one is going to scroll down that much to see a post from 2019. I mean, maybe if you have a way to skip to a certain year or something, but…..

But the story gets better, I happened to download my data from Facebook a few weeks prior (writing a post for this blog actually) and I looked at the date in question and I never made a post at all that day, so, the plot thickens.

When I go to look at the information that they sent me the post is “Police Officer Indicted for Murder After Shooting Active Shooter”. When I Google that title, it looks like everything online about it has been removed as well. I know I didn’t post it and I can’t imagine someone hacking into my account and posting something in November 2019 and not posting anything or making any other havoc. I think I smell a Facebook rat. So they give me one option and that is to continue, so I click it.

The next window tells me very briefly and I mean briefly about their community standards. I get two options, back and continue, hell, let’s keep going down this BS rabbit hole. Now I get a screen telling me about their SPAM standards which are all BS and then I get a back and continue button. Now I have a choice. I can “Disagree with Decision” or I can “Secure Account”. I select disagree and continue and All I get is a window that tells me that they can’t give me feedback due to COVID and then a Close button.

I went through all that to be told to piss off. Damn you suck Facebook.

My research looking for “Police Officer Indicted for Murder After Shooting Active Shooter”, turns up four references on Google.

They all point to an article at Tribunist.com (which is a right-leaning and noted for mostly factual reporting), the Tribunist.com has been offline for several weeks (at least since I have been checking to read this “SPAM” post)

Below is a blurb of the post in question (from cache sites)
Police Officer Indicted for Murder After Shooting Active Shooter (tribunist.com)

In a bizarre twist, a police lieutenant has been indicted for murder after he shot and killed an active shooter who was firing at people indiscriminately. The police lieutenant’s attorney defended his client’s actions by stating he did whatever was necessary to stop a “violent, fleeing felon.” I…

Moving on, I could care less, and I didn’t post or share that, so who cares.

Then this week, I got hit again (I have a target on my back for some reason) as I received a notice on the 22nd of September, that they removed a post of mine that I shared. They stated that we have certain kinds of posts about suicide or self-injury that we don’t allow on Facebook because we want to promote a safe environment….

Facebook removed post

OMG, seriously, this is as bad as the Trump saying drink bleach bullshit. I mean how many bloody photos of people who did stupid things have you seen on Facebook. I mean these photos were all taken from Facebook, so I can clearly see how torn-up you are about this and how well you enforce your “Community Standards”.

So with all this and other reasons, I’m once again looking for an alternative to Facebook. Next week I explore these alternatives.

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