What Is This Shit?

What is this shit?

What Is This Shit?

I’m sure that this is some Cpl that has been discharged and is being a dumbshit and thinks he is actually funny, by making fun of the Corps. Now I’m all for some fun, even fun at the Corps’ expense. But this is just typical LCpl fuckery if you ask me and ironically it isn’t the least bit funny. All I can say is what In the Chesty Puller is going on?

LCpl Dumbass

Let’s see if I can list what is fucked up:

  • Haircut, and shave look decent
  • Salute is not at the right spot on his cover
  • Collar not closed
  • Cover EGA jacked
  • Dog Tags outside the uniform
  • Chevron on pocket
  • Tie tack
  • Ribbons are out of order:
    • Marine Corps Good Conduct Ribbon
    • National Defense Service Medal Ribbon
    • Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
    • Navy-Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon
  • Medals are all jacked and in the wrong spot on the pocket
  • I can’t really make out what the medals are except for the NDSM
  • His medals and ribbons are on the correct pocket (He is taking the photo in a mirror so the image is reversed (Cover EGA and salute give that away))
  • No shooting badge should be worn with medals and ribbons
  • No Belt or Buckle

What did I miss? As this looks like some jarhead just fucking around, I’ll say this is not Stolen Valor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I can hear his voice in his head right now, “I’m going to take the most motivated, most boot shitbird photo ever

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