An Eeyore Christmas

Eeyore - Oh, Bother

An Eeyore Christmas

Nope, this isn’t me paying homage to A.A. Mine’s children’s book series, Winnie-the-Pooh. This isn’t even about a donkey, real or fictional. It is 100% about Christmas and I just can’t get out of the blahs. It isn’t a call for help, and it isn’t me just being all “Bah Humbug either. In fact, it doesn’t really have anything to do with my mental state of mind. It is more of a total feeling of being overwhelmed, and those that know the real Joe Average, know that I used to eat “multitask” and stack more and more on top, I used to eat that stuff for lunch all day long.

I used to be able to handle doing a dozen different things at once with no problems whatsoever. But not this year, as my medical issues are seeming to get the best of me, and, well it freaking sucks.

I am all done with my Christmas shopping, I even have my little Peanuts tree ready to go, still in the box and I just can’t seem to dedicate the five minutes required to set it up. I just can’t seem to focus. I know it is about 75% of my medications and 25% of my actual medical issues. But regardless it sucks. If I stop taking the medications, then I will be in a world of pain I have been in that world, I lived in that world and I no longer want to have anything to do with that world ever again.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Of the hands full of pills I take daily, 10 are for pain, and they seem to only focus on pain in certain areas. But these pain meds cause major brain fog and huge memory holes. And I get sidetracked so damn easily, making focusing on a task more difficult.

But enough about me whining, while I was doing some research for this post, I discovered that the Internet wants everyone to know that Eeyore is a boy, and here I am, not evening knowing that he was anything different than a boy. But I guess knowing how Disney is trying to make themselves look all gender-neutral and sexual orientation neutral as possible, I’m shocked that they haven’t yet tried to make Eeyore and Pooh for that matter non-binary (whatever the fuck that really means).

Eeyore is a boy

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