It’s Karen Time


What is a Karen?

Karen is slang for a middle-class white woman, with asymmetrical bobbed hair that exhibits behavior that seems to stem from her expected privilege. You know the “let me speak to a manager” person that seems to always be in the front of a long line or making a huge scene in a public place. Often taking out their frustrations on some unexpecting employee who doesn’t have the power to make a change. Karen is a typical, blond, soccer mom of several young kids, an anti-vaxxer, and carries out racist micro-aggressions, such as asking to touch black people’s hair. Think Amanda Bearse’s character, Married with Children Marcy D’Archy or Kate Gosselin. But honestly ‘Karen’ is an attitude.

The male equivalent might be the ‘Kyle’ meme: an angry, aggressive white teenage boy, characterized by his penchant for Monster energy drinks, Axe body spray, and punching drywall.


Where did Karen come from?
According to the all-knowing and all-powerful Wikipedia, the origin of Karen is: In African-American culture, there is a long history of calling a meddlesome white woman by a certain name. In the antebellum era (1815–1861), she was referred to as “Miss Ann”. In the early 1990s, “Becky” was used. As late as 2018, before the use of “Karen” caught on, alliterative names matching particular incidents were used, such as “Barbecue Becky”, “Cornerstore Caroline”, and “Permit Patty”

The most accepted origin is from a meme based on the 2016 Nintendo Switch ad in which a woman exhibits antisocial behavior and is given the nickname “antisocial Karen”.  A Tumblr user of joematar posted a joke about the woman arriving at the party with the caption “Oh shit, Karen brought her stupid Nintendo thing to the party again. We’re DRINKING, Karen. We’re having CONVERSATIONS.”

Karen in the modern world
Today, Karen is often associated with whatever ’cause’ of the week is. She is the woman that is nonstop preaching Gluten Free, Non-GMO, BLM, and Flat Earth, she is the in-your-face Vegan. She is just like carolhaggard19.

Wait, what, 6 children, you’re a virgin and two of those children are dead. What the FUCK!!! And from Polio, are you freaking serious. I just Googled polio and found out that roughly 22 cases are reported world freaking wide, and you lost two children to it and you are still preaching the anti-vaxx shit? Wow, it takes all kinds I guess.

Wait, you are a virgin unless you adopted the children, I’m not so sure that is possible. And another post,


you talk about your husband leaving you. Hmmmmmm, I think I would run and run fast if I was him. So you basically subscribe to everything controversial, are you a flat earther too? I bet you have some great views on things like BLM and racism. Well, hell, here is another post and sure enough you do, “culturally diverse”, you are one crazy bitch. Damn, I could write a half-dozen or more posts on this crazy chic.


The really funny thing about ‘Karen’ is in today’s world of the offended, most people aren’t offended by calling someone a ‘Karen’, in fact, they think it is funny.

From time to time, Average Joe is going to allow me to guest post about Karens on his blog. Thanks, Average Joe!!!

By Karrinn

Hi, my name is Karrinn Knott, I'm an online friend of Average Joe's and I asked him if I could post periodically on his blog as a guest blogger. Much to my surprise, he said sure. He gave me a set of rules, which were, to keep it real, keep it light, keep it fun and when you post, make sure you reference your sources.I personally love to 'people watch' and point out the really stupid things that some people do. Since my name is Karrinn, I tend to point out the Karens in the world, or as I call them "A Karen in the wild".In my day job, I'm required to really be conservative, so this is a great outlet to let off some steam, and poke fun of the 'Karens' out there. I hope that you like my posts and Thank You Average Joe!!!

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