Highway to Hell

highway to hell

Highway to Hell

It’s not just a bumpy ride, it is the highway to hell and we are on the merge ramp. I’m honestly worried about the state of this Country. The United States is heading down a very bad road (hell, it is already there). We have record-high gas prices, and bare shelves in stores, and you can’t find a new car to purchase if you wanted one. People are seriously hurting for basic needs as there isn’t enough in their bank account to buy the necessities. And to top it all off, The President is busy trying to convince everyone that “Americans feel more financially comfortable than any time since 2013. And bolding stating “Since I took office, families are carrying less debt, their average savings are up… more Americans feel financially comfortable…” And the sad part about it is that some people actually believe it. They know that they aren’t part of that statement, but they are believing that everyone else is and they are just having a hard time. Talk about “Fake News”.

Not only are financial things rough in the U.S., but we have a real lingering threat of nuclear war with Russia, not the U.S. using a nuke, but the real threat that Russia might use one against someone, like Ukraine or someone else. We also face the risk of COVID and now fucking Monkey Pox, what the hell, another damn illness that is likely caused by some asshat, screwing a monkey.

You couldn’t write a fucking movie that had all these stupid things in them and sure enough, we are living with it. And now to make it even better we suddenly have mass shootings happening every damn day now. Now I’m not saying that the shootings are being orchestrated by the Government, but you have to admit, that it seems odd that every shooter seems to be an older teen or younger adult in the 18-20 range. They all have AR-15-style weapons, and they all just magically found ways into buildings that are almost comical. I mean, you are telling me that in the one school shooting that the shooter just magically crashed his truck, near the only door that was unlocked and it was unlocked only for a few minutes, supposedly by a teacher who was getting art supplies from her vehicle, or something like that. Seriously, what the hell!!!

But I’m not here to talk about that, I’m just bitching that we are in a very bad way and I’m not very comfortable with it. It is starting to cause me some great concern. Add all my illnesses to the mix and I’m a freaking basket case.

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