Cocaine Baby!

cocaine in the white house
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Cocaine Baby!

I want to get this straight, you are telling me that in the most protected, controlled, and video-taped building in the free world, you can’t find a coke head, but, on January 6th, 2021, outside with thousands of people, all wearing winter coats and face masks, you can identify from hundreds of thousands of photos and locate across the country, everyone that was at the Capitol “riots” as you call them.

And we want to still say that the FBI is a valid organization? We still want to think that the Secret Service is a valid organization. I mean they can’t find a single cocaine user in the White House. Do you realize that every single person in the White House is tracked and controlled? They either have to sign in or badge in, with a few exceptions. And the location where they found cocaine (twice, not just once) is one of the more restricted locations in the White House.

I’m fairly certain that you can’t fart inside the damn White House without it being recorded, yet, someone not only brought in a baggie of cocaine, they dropped it and there isn’t a single camera angle of it, they have no idea who was in the area or how the baggie got there. And they have this occuring twice and they have the damn baggie too. They can’t find it on video, they can’t track the people and they can’t get DNA or fingerprints off the baggie. 

January 6 United States Capitol attack

But at the Capitol, where there was no sign-in, no real control, they were able to locate thousands of photos, identify everyone in question in those photos and then locate those people, bring them up on a charge and arrest them and put them in jail.

Am I the only American that finds this just a little bit too convenient? I mean, I’m sure that there are drugs in the White House. Hell, the President’s son has probably snorted coke in the Oval Office off a hooker’s ass, yet the Secret Service and the FBI can’t figure out whose coke was left on the floor. Go figure that shit.


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