Testicle Health

Testicle Health

Testicle Health

The testicles are important to a man’s overall health and physical and mental well-being. They are more than just two balls that hang down and at times get in the way, they do more than produce and store sperm, they also make hormones that help a male grow and develop. And for most men, their boys are a sense of pride and mental well-being.

But most men do not do a self-exam of their testicles. The survival rate is 95% if detected early enough, if the men that died had done self-exams, they might have survived. I just can’t wrap my head around this one. Most men love to touch their own junk, but they can’t do a self-exam, as it is gay. I’m so freaking tired of hearing that macho bullshit. There is nothing gay about giving yourself a self-exam. If you consider that as gay, then what do you consider jerking off to be?

The Exam
All you need to do is when you are in the shower (hot showers work best as the boys are hanging at their lowest), and using your thumb and forefinger, feel each testicle carefully and make sure you get all the surfaces. You are looking for anything that doesn’t feel like is below, and after your first one, you are looking for anything that feels different. You should basically feel two smooth robin eggs with a tail. If you feel anything else, consult your doctor.


Pain in your testicles is another big thing. If you are having any pain in your testicles, then consult your doctor. I did a few years ago and ended up discovering cysts on each one. That was an interesting experience. I went to see my urologist and went into an exam room for an ultrasound. Laying on the table, my pants down around my ankles. The male tech hands me a towel and instructs me to hold it in a certain spot so my penis does not get in the way of the exam if I get an erection (I did not BTW). Then he uses a warm jell to lubricate the head of the ultrasound scope. He then carefully moves the scope around each testicle to form a picture of each one. He measured a 4mm and a 6mm cyst on my boys. Now I know where the pain is coming from.

There is also a rare condition called Torsion of the testicle, which is when the cord to the testicle twists. This effectively cuts off the blood supply to the testicle, which if not treated can actually kill the testicle. Though it is most common in younger males ages 12-18, it can and does occur in older males. If you are experiencing testicular pain, go to the ER right away. Doctors can usually fix torsion and help the affected testicle survive if treated within 4-6 hours after the pain starts.

Man up, and see your doctor and do the damn self-exams your family will appreciate it.

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