October 2018 – My Current Symptoms

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October 2018 - My Current Symptoms

Currently, my symptoms are Fatigue, Anxiety, Dizziness, Inappropriately cold body parts, mood swings, Coordination and balance, Bladder or bowel problems, and numbness of about 45-50% on my left side and about 15-20% on my right side. My hands continually feel like they are in a vice and I have shooting pains in my feet, legs, and arms. Plus the left eyelid still freak twitches. But the medications are really helping a ton with the pain and that is mainly what I’m looking for.

It was time for another neuropsychological test, this one was under 4 hours and the lady that administered it was a trip, she was funny and that made the time fly. This test was focused on memory and thought processes, whereas the one I had before also involved motor skills and long-term memory.

It was also time to blood the vampire for a blood test ordered by my new family practice doctor. She wanted to check my Testosterone levels to make sure that low Testosterone might be causing some of my issues. The results came back and my Testosterone was right in the middle of the range values.

'I'm afraid it's stupidity. And it appears to be spreading.'
'I'm afraid it's stupidity. And it appears to be spreading.'


  1. Avatar photo MissUnderstood says:

    “I’m afraid it’s stupidity…” Too funny, I felt that way many times. Doctors make it so frustrating at times.

    1. Yea, they have a way of making you feel really stupid and they often do it in the most arrogant way possible too.

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