Knee Surgery

Knee surgery
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Knee Surgery

And 2020 just keeps on bringing it! just got back from the orthopedic doctor for my “final” look at my knee after my surgery 6 weeks ago. I noticed that I wasn’t healing as fast as I had hoped and I found out that it is because I’m not really healing. It looks like the damage is much worse than expected. So we are putting me on Celebrex, getting a “Synvisc One” shot, and a custom expensive ass knee brace to help offload the pressure on the inside of my knee. The goal, is to try and get 3-5 more years out of the knee before it has to be replaced. Not the news I had been hoping for.

Tip #1: Don’t get old, it is a trap
Tip #2: Avoid the Marine Corps (I love my Corps, but it did a number on my body)

Docs advice: Try and lose 10-20 pounds “good luck” (his words), as you are over 50 and taking large doses of Gabapentin.
The good news is that once I get the brace and shot, I can start light jogging and hike again 🙂

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