Flare-ups Everywhere

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Flare-ups Everywhere

I pretty much have most of my issues with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) under control, much of the day-to-day fibromyalgia symptoms are managed fairly well and the costochondritis is hit or miss. This however does not help too much to manage flare-ups.

I wake up and try to make my way out of bed. Emphasis on try, I usually push myself, but not until after I have tried several times, resulting in me rolling over and going back to sleep.

The flare that I’m currently in, is a longer one than I normally have. I have been fortunate in the past to have a 1-2 day flare-up and be done with it, but this one brought luggage with it. It sorta reminds me of the Mucinex Mr. Mucus character.

Mr. Mucus

Day #3 and I woke up and struggled to get my ass in gear so I can go to work. I hope in the near future that I will have the approval to have full-time flex telework. I work for the Navy as a civilian. I can retire as early as three years and that is the goal that I’m trying to push myself for. I’m currently authorized for 50% telework from my boss, but that expires in October, so I have submitted what is known as Reasonable Accommodation paperwork. If approved I will be authorized flexible telework, so on days like today, instead of struggling to go on-site, I can struggle to go downstairs to my home office and work from there.

Telework is a nice option for me, allowing me to not have to worry about my job. I don’t need to worry about pushing myself to make it onsite for the day, I only need to worry about making it downstairs. I’m fortunate enough to have very understanding leadership as well, so that helps.

Back on this current flare. I got up and I couldn’t pop my steroids fast enough today. I’ve been prescribed Prednisone for days like this. Usually, they help me some, so we will see what today brings. Wish me luck.

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