When You See It!

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When You See It!

Let’s start off by stating that the user slow motion videos that are online at places like YouTube are totally amazing. I particularly love the slow-mo gun shooting videos. Watching the super-heated gas escape out of the barrel of the rifle and watching the bullet spin as it moves through the air, is nothing short of amazing. 
I found this first video when I was sent it by a friend. It appears that my friend isn’t an avid shooter or is not that familiar with how guns work. He was amazed at how the apple is totally vaporized by the speeding bullet. 
Alright, I need to break this down Barney style for him, but first I wanted to have some more fun with this. I asked if he has seen the video where the bullet hits a wine glass so hot, that the glass melts when it is hit by the supersonic bullet.
He said he hadn’t so I located it on YouTube and he watched the video.
He was absolutely amazed when he saw it and he repeated watching it a half dozen times. 
I’m trying very hard to hold back my laugh, as I can’t believe that he fell for this. And he hasn’t caught on. After some lengthy questioning by me, I discovered that he honestly does not see what is wrong with these two videos. But it appears based on some of the comments on YouTube, my friend is not alone.
Alright, I’m sure someone out there reading this, hasn’t seen the problems with the two videos. We will start with the apple file first.
The 9mm “bullet” in the video is a complete 9mm cartridge, and not just the projectile that is fired from the gun.
When a gun fires a cartridge, the bullet or projectile is what is leaves the barrel of the gun, the casing, case, or shell, leaves on the side of a gun.

***Spoiler Alert ***

The two above videos are CGI and not actual videos of a bullet hitting an apple or wine glass. 

Look at the bullet, that is an entire bullet and the casing would not get fired from the barrel of the gun, it would stay in the gun until it is ejected out the top/side of the weapon.

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